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If you are a soccer club who is passionate about your goalkeepers, then please let Just4keepers help your club! Please see just two of our services below and also watch the short video at the bottom of page.Your goalkeepers would 100% appreciate what J4K can do for them!

HUGE club discounts on all goalkeeper gloves


If you are a soccer club, J4k can beat any goalkeeper price globally!



You will not find a better deal anywhere else for your soccer club, reason being, with J4k we are goalkeepers ourselves not a greedy brand trying to make huge profits! So we want to look after our own so to speak.


So what’s unique about this service for your club?


  • In some cases 100% sponsorship deals
  • Up to 80% Off retail price
  • We cater for all levels, from youngster to professional level gloves.
  • Free GK glove help and advice
  • Our gloves are one of the leaders globally in goalkeeping gloves.
  • Also the peace of mind knowing that ALL our goalkeeper gloves are tried and tested by current and ex professional goalkeepers.


In short, your goalkeepers will LOVE our gloves and your club (or gk parent) will LOVE the savings!


Email info@goalkeepergloves.cafor more info on how J4K can help your club and club keepers save serious money!



 The J4K Global Goalkeeper program for soccer Clubs!


One of most frustrating things for soccer clubs is finding a consistent goalkeeper coach.


This causes major problems for the clubs,because just as the club and the club keepers get use to a certain coaching system, the gk coach leaves! Leaving the club and club keepers to frustratingly start again!


So why are soccer clubs throughout Canada turning to J4K?


  • J4K has the biggest network of ex professional goalkeepers (now j4K coaches) on the planet, so our combined experience is 2nd to none!
  • Our coaches have played OVER one million hours professionally, so ALL coaches have walked their talk!
  • We have helped more clubs and keepers than any other similar organisation in history!
  • More IMPORTANTLY J4K puts YOUR club in control of your clubs goalkeeping program.

We could go on and on for several pages about our proven success for goalkeepers and soccer clubs, but if you are interested how J4K can help your club be in control of your goalkeeper program and not have to rely on inconsistent gk coaches…

Please watch this short video below and you can also email us @ for more info!



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