ANOTHER J4K Success story! Below is ex J4K Student Vinny Tasca who started with Just4keepers as a child, and over the past few years he has achieved his dreams of gaining a college scholarship and now has singed professional forms for Austin Bold FC in the USL Championship in the USA.

I have personally trained Vinny myself and what stands out for me and my memories of vinny, he was a very quiet young man, but his work ethic was out standing. So as a result of this work ethic, he has now achieved his dreams twice.

And what is nice about his success story he and his family attribute his success in participating in Just4keepers goalkeeper training as a young keeper. He has also stayed loyal to J4K and proudly wears his J4K goalkeeper gloves, which is also a good touch and shows his class!

So Good luck vinny, we all in the J4K community will be following your professional career and wish us all the good luck in the world.




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